Cattle Preventative Recommendations – Fall

Pregnancy Check:

    • Non Pregnant Cows Cull


Respiratory Vaccines:

    • Pregnant Cows Bovishield gold FPVL5 (P) or Express FP 5VL5 (BI)
    • Calves Pyramid 5 + Presponse (BI) or Bovishield Gold 5 (P)


Clostridial Vaccines:

    • Cows and Calves Caliber 7 (BI) or Ultra Choice 7 (P)



    • Deworm calves and cows pour on Dectomaxx (P) or Cydectin (BI) can substitute generic ivermectin pour on at this time to save money especially if just treating external parasites like lice. Also consider using a “white” paste dewormer at this time if just using a pour on for external parasites.


Copper Deficiency:

    • Multimin 90 injectable or Copper Bolus any cows/replacements you are keeping that have the Copper deficient orange hair tinge.
    • Free Choice Protein Tubs



    • Bulls if cull prices are high. Semen test. No need to feed a bull all winter that got hurtand is not productive if the prices are high.


Adapted from Rocky Top Veterinary Service, Britt Stubblefield DVM

  • January 2020
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