Cattle Preventative Recommendations – Spring

Respiratory vaccines:

    • Non pregnant cows Express FP 5 VL5 (BI) or Preg guard Gold FP 10 (P)
    • Calves Bovishield Gold 5 (P) or Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ (BI) can use just plain Pyramid 5 if can’t find it with Presponse


Clostridial vaccines:

    • Cows & Calves Caliber 7(BI) or Ultra Choice 7(P)



    • Deworm cows and calves with Injectable Dectomaxx (P) or Cydectin (BI) so popular hard to get right now. Any evidence of Lice need a back pour.


Selenium Injection:

    • SE injection (white muscle) on calves as needed due to selenium deficiency, usually the biggest thriftiest calves.


Copper Deficiency:

    • Multimin 90 Injectable on any calves/cows showing sings of copper deficiency.


Free Choice Mineral:

    • Multiple kinds ie trace, salt, copper, hi mag, etc. Some cows won’t eat mixed mineral if they are only needing salt or vice versa.



    • Semen and Trich Test Bulls


High Altitude Disease:

    • PAP replacement heifers, new bulls if in high country



Adapted from Rocky Top Veterinary Service, Britt Stubblefield DVM

  • January 2020
    M T W T F S S