A Esophageal Obstruction can be caused by many thingsPicture19b

  • Bolting feed
  • Poor dentition
  • Coarse hay
  • Large treats
  • Lack of water/dehydration
  • Secondary to sedation


Signs of Choking in a Horse

  • Agitation & colic-like behavior
  • Excessive nasal discharge

    • Saliva mixed with feed material

  • Retching Motion
  • Coughing


What You Can Do

  • Remove ALL feed/hay and water

    • Continued eating or drinking can lead to aspiration of material into trachea/lungs

  • Massage Left Side of neck
  • Keep horse calm with head down


What the Vet Can Do

  • Sedate the horse

    • This will Lower head to prevent aspiration and will Relax muscles of the esophagus

  • Pass a nasogastric tube

    • Attempt to dislodge the choke
    • May lavage with water

  • Evaluate lungs for signs of pneumonia



  • January 2020
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